Tournament Winners

2019 Championship Flight Winners

Chase Miller, Kyle Pettyjohn, Chris Tallent, Brian Ownes



Winners of the Championship Flight!


Morning Round


First Flight

1st Place: John Baine, Sparky Roberts, Todd North, Willie Winkler

2nd Place: Julius Shaw, Mike Nance, Rick Orr, Joel Holbrook

3rd Place: Larry Pickel, Chris Pickel, Clay Hill, John Arnold

Second Flight

1st Place: Anthony Tankersley, Isaac Wheat, Mark Herbort, Ronnie Knight

2nd Place: Pete Purvis, Marv Lewis, Kermit McManus, Paul Pieri

3rd Place: Tony Roberson, Michael Fennelly, Kevin Ammons, Michael Economos


Afternoon Round


First Flight

1st Place: Allen Peters, Wes Ward, Sven Jaekel, Mark Buckner

2nd Place: Joey Young, Scott Snyder, Stanley Pack, Brad Huey

3rd Place: Larry Bramlett, Mike Young, Jimmy Phillips, Will Ross

Second Flight

1st Place: Steven Nealy, Steve Hayes, Jeremy Akins

2nd Place: Mitchel Boggs, Tracy Henderson, Roland Cantrell, Mark Bobo

3rd Place: Randy Reddick, James Gordy, Ken Thomas, Vaughn Dickson

Third Flight

1st Place: Craig Trimble, Shawn Edwards, Matt Murphy, Brian Stengel

2nd Place: Jim Hunt, Howard Hunt, Dewayne Hunt, Mick Pyle

3rd Place: Tony Davis, Matt Dixon, Jacob Stantinelli, Justin McFarland