Tournament Winners

2018 Championship Flight Winners

Andy White, Brendon Wilson, Barry Hamilton, and Michael Schleger



Winners of the Championship Flight!


Morning Round


First Flight

1st Place: David Gibson, Larry Bramlett, Dennis Dell, and John Cole

2nd Place: Jonathan Kidd, Terry Kidd, Mark Hitchcock, and Nick Pearson

3rd Place: Bob Caperton, Dan Peeples, Roger Mitchell, and Steve McMullen


Second Flight

1st Place: Ben Barbre, Brian Ferguson, Tracey Henderson, and Lamar Reynolds

2nd Place: Ronnie Knight, Bobby Richardson, Isaac Wheat, and Mark Herbort

3rd Place: Tom Rennie, John Pruitt, James Osborne, and Pete Purvis


Low Gross

Jonathan Kidd, Terry Kidd, Mark Hitchcock, and Nick Pearson (52)


Closest To Pin

#4: Tim Campbell, Mark Herbort, and Ray Fowler

#6: Amy Grammer, Lee Smith, and Ricky Capps

#9: Barry Hamilton, Brendon Wilson, and Eric Kyer

#14: Kyle Petty John, Tim Campbell, and Terry Moore

#16: Matt Oliver, Seaburn Blair, and Barry Blevins


Longest Drive

Dea Kelly


Most Accurate Drive

Tim Campbell


 Afternoon Round


First Flight

1st Place: Chris Kramer, Kevin Maki, Nick Malerbi, and Tommy Malerbi

2nd Place: Rick Carter, Randy Hill, Jim McAnally, and Mike Jones

3rd Place: David Gibson, Robbie Stalen, Dan Peeples, and Chris Sheflett


Second Flight

1st Place: Jerry Neeley, Pete Daffron, Steven Neeley, and Erik Jacobs

2nd Place: John Thomas, Mark Buckner, Sven Jaehel, and Wes Ward

3rd Place: Chris Bailey, John Gulledge, Lucas Nation, and Reed Childers


Third Flight

1st Place: Randy Foster, Daniel Stewart, Fred Blankenship, and Chris Baggett

2nd Place: Howell Kerr, Frank Harp, Scott Lowrie, and Sparky Roberts

3rd Place: Harrison Sharp, Jimmy Tapp, Mickey McGraw, and Perry Keloids


Low Gross

Matt Oxford, Matt Eicholtz, Andy Oxford, and Dwight Hefner (51)


Closest To Pin

#4: Chris Kramer, Bryan Deems, and Tripp Ward

#6: Mitchell Boggs, Mich Sauceman, and Scott Lowrie

#9: Steve Townsend, Chase Jones, and Mike Jones

#14: Ricky Lake, Chris Sheflett, and Eric Jacobs

#16: Andy Oxford, Wes Ward, and Lee Phillips


Longest Drive

Caroline Martin


Most Accurate Drive

Kirk Malerbi